Our Health Data Is Everywhere. Why Can't We See It?

Australians will be shocked to realise that many organisations have easy access to their health information – but they don’t get that same access, nor can they check if it is always correct.
Are we okay with not knowing our data?
Wanngi is the first app to provide a secure and comprehensive way to store, view and check all your health information in one place.
Most people have shared their information with some, if not most of the following:
  • Doctor’s offices and hospitals
  • Insurance companies
  • Specialist offices and therapists
  • Medicare
  • Schools and school nurses
  • Pharmacies and pathologists, e.g. QML
  • Allied health – dentists, physiotherapists, optometrists
  • Jobs that require medical checks
  • Organisations for overseas travel
  • Fitness trackers and wearables
  • …and potentially more
But not all of this is in a place for Australians to securely view it in a convenient way.
Founder of Wanngi, Maree Beare believes that consumers deserve a way to view their own health data.
“Two years ago my vision was to create an app which gave consumers control over their health information, and where possible to give them the same access that clinicians and bureaucrats have,” Ms Beare said.
“When you use an app like Wanngi to create and contribute to a personal health record, you’re giving yourself priority access to your health information inside a secure app,” she said.
“You can be confident knowing what your health information is, and whether it is up to date.”
There is a social movement happening across the health industry, as Australians are looking to be in complete control of their own health information with apps such as Wanngi.
Research into health information provided by consumers shows that it increases reassurance, confidence and satisfaction in health providers, as well as promotes greater personal responsibility strengthens communication. This is positive news for consumers.
Wanngi’s focus on security – including high-level encryption and HIPAA compliant health information storage, means your health information is as safe as possible.

Look forward to discussing any questions you may have. In the meantime, here is a link to our press kit. I also look forward to your feedback on the app. You can download and trial Wanngi here.