People Want Control Over Their Health Data

“There’s a social change happening where consumers want to take control of their own health.”

Maree Beare, health tech expert and founder of health app Wanngi has recognised that there’s a global change on the horizon in a recent article about social media cancer cures in The Australian.

“After years of having companies and organisations holding data, people are finally looking to regain control over their own health information,” states Ms Beare.

Ms Beare believes that by being in control of your health data, doctors can personalise their treatment.

“I created Wanngi because I believe in this social change and I want to help people contribute to that personalisation. We’re giving people back control by allowing them to contribute their own facts to their personal health record,” she said.

Wanngi lets people add everything from doctor reports to patient-generated content to their health record such as tracking symptoms and injuries. It helps doctors personalise diagnosis, treatment and recovery, and is the beginning of this social change where users are in control of their health data.

But Ms Beare recognises that developing social change isn’t a simple task and it doesn’t happen with only one person.

“Social change isn’t easy to implement and needs audience participation to create the momentum required to create the effect.”

With more and more health data being recorded every day, people are becoming aware that they can be in control of their information.