Forbes Top 50 Startups disrupting HealthTech

Wanngi has been named in the Forbes top 50 women-led startups disrupting HealthTech, showing the Australian company is fast becoming a growing influence in the digital health sector.

Wanngi is disrupting healthtech by providing individuals with a global personal health record that focuses on privacy and security.

Wanngi is the only Australian startup that provides a personal health record to make the list, and is alongside many other international startups making waves in the digital health sector.

Founder Maree Beare says this recognition is an excellent validation of Wanngi’s vision, and puts them on the global stage.

“I believe people need to be educated to the opportunity to easily start collecting their own health records/information, so it prompts curiosity about their symptoms, medications and treatment so they can better communicate to their health care providers  to make informed decisions to better engage in and manage/look after their health.”

“We’re building a social movement around what it means to be in control of your digital health, and to be recognised as one of the best women-led startups in this space means there’s growing acceptance of this movement,” Ms Beare said.

Wanngi’s appearance in Forbes follows on from Maree Beare’s recent global recognition in the Top 100 Women in Femtech and Healthtech and shows she is a founder to watch.