Why can’t Australians upload their own health documents to My Health Record?

My Health Record is being used by thousands of healthcare providers around the Australia but innovative startup Wanngi is the first to give individuals a way to contribute to their own personal health record.

An Australian first, health management app Wanngi allows individuals to upload their own health documents – including doctor appointments, referrals, vaccines, scripts, pathology and discharge summaries – to a personal health record.

For example, Physios and Doctors may want to understand your symptoms and treatment history, including test results so they can provide a relevant treatment plan. Wanngi helps with your communication to these health professionals.

Wannig’s sorely-needed feature gives people a way to digitally store critical health information from Australian and overseas health providers.

By giving consumers control of their own health information, Wanngi is ahead of the curve, providing features never seen before globally – including being able to use with telehealth on any device, and the ability to personally upload any information you need.

Wanngi includes immunisation reminders, symptom tracking, and integration to fitness wearables like Fitbit, Garmin and Strava.

What’s more, Wanngi provides those who opted of My Health Record a fully-fledged private personal health record, with world-class security infrastructure.

You can download and trial Wanngi here.