Put your family first – managing family health with Wanngi

Whether you are a working professional or a full time parent, managing your family’s health can often be stressful. You might have children or older parents to look after, ongoing conditions to monitor or simply a multitude of health information to manage. 

Flu season is approaching and winter sports are starting for the kids. Holidays are over and it may feel like a long slog until the next break. Whether trying to stay on top of the kids’ health for sports and school, or managing yourself and your partner during busy times, keep track of all your information with Wanngi.

How can Wanngi help?

Wanngi’s Primary+ Family subscription is perfect for families of all kinds. You can manage not only your own data but partners, children, and older family members or parents. It is also perfect for carers who are helping to manage symptoms and conditions of others.

With this subscription you can track and update every family member’s health information from one account. The same services and features will be available to every family member. With the family subscription you can add the Personal Health service in the web app and create a profile for each member of your family. This way you can view individual symptoms timelines, add and view allergies and immunisations, and make notes for each person where needed. Simply select the profile you wish to view or edit – it’s that simple!

How many family members can I add?

You can add as many members as required. The standard family subscription allows up to five members, after which you can add as many  as you need for just a small additional cost per month. You can also use the app on multiple devices so both you and a partner can update your information whenever you need to.

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