Have you been to multiple doctor appointments and received medical records or documents? What about being given a document and not knowing what to do with it?

I’ve been there. I had a hospital Discharge Summary that I couldn’t lose – it was a Very Important Document, a medical record I needed for insurance, so I put it in a very important place and…

…immediately lost it.

I found it again (after a while) but oh boy that was a stressful couple of days. I stuck it to my desk – literally taped it down – but I was so worried that it would accidentally end up in the bin, or slide down the back of my desk, never to be seen again.

Which is why I’m really excited to know about our clinical document upload feature in Wanngi. Long story short – it allows you to take a photo or upload your scanned document or medical record and store it securely so that you can access all your documents wherever you are.

We’ve made it specifically to solve the problem of losing those loose documents that we always seem to have.

Save Allergies, doctor visits, medical scripts, referrals, hospital discharge summaries and access them wherever you are with Wanngi. And because it’s a multi-platform app, you can switch devices – even buy a brand new device – and still have access to all the documents you need.

Wanngi is perfect for uploading your existing medical history – especially if you with complex or ongoing conditions.

Now you’re able to securely upload and access relevant documents – from doctor visits to referrals – so everything is in one place. I’m fairly confident that with Wanngi I’ll never need to be frantically searching for my very important clinical documents again.

Wanngi’s document feature is also useful for people that have had their health managed elsewhere – such as defence personnel or athletes.  Especially useful for travellers to and from the United States (US) where healthcare providers may make health and medical records available as Clinical Document Architecture file (CDA’s) on their website, over email or in an app.

What about you? Was there a time where you were frantically trying to find a Very Important Document that you’d lost?