You’re able to control who can access what parts of your My Health Record as soon as you get set up. There are three possible privacy codes you can set:

 1. Record Access Code

This is a code that allows you to control which healthcare provider organisations can see your record. You can stop any organisation from adding to your My Health Record unless you provide explicit permission (by giving them your Record Access Code).

 2. Personal Access Code

This simply allows you to give access to friends, family member, carers or other people you trust to help you manage and assist you with your My Health Record.

 3. Limited Document Access Code

Your My Health Record can hold documents about your health. If you set a Limited Document Access Code, you can restrict the healthcare providers you choose from having access to specific documents. The only healthcare providers that can see these documents are the ones you give your Limited Document Access Code to.

For more information on how to specifically set up each of these Access Codes, read the step-by-step tutorials on the government website.