Solo and thriving – A young mum and her drive for success

As a young mum of two, Ally is no stranger to hard work and little sleep. While she is incredibly proud of the life she has created for herself, Ally has worked tirelessly to get to this point and faced countless challenges along the way. Now she studies and works, and raises her two children solo. She is defying the odds and showing what can be accomplished with dedication and a positive attitude.

Ally’s journey through childbirth and her health

Ally experienced a number of complications after the birth of her first child. She suffered from high blood pressure as well as feeling fatigued and nauseous for several weeks after birth.  She spent much of her time in these early stages at the doctors.

Once she was accurately diagnosed, the road to recovery began. With much rest and help from her parents, Ally steadily recovered and was eventually able to get back to raising her first child, and fell pregnant again soon after. The second time around, Ally kept in much closer contact with her doctors, and tracked her symptoms carefully to notice the first signs of change. As Ally says, monitoring her symptoms was crucial to early recognition of complications or concerns.

Her second child was born in perfect health and Ally was lucky to face no complications this time. However, her experiences have made her aware of how important monitoring her health really is. Now that Ally is taking on the journey of parenthood solo, she shares with us her goals for the future.

Ally, how has being a mum changed and challenged you?

When I finally got the hang of managing two kids alone, I knew I was ready to go back to studying. I want the best life possible for all of us and I don’t want to set it aside until they’re “old enough” because I could waste years, wishing I’d just done it sooner. It’s extremely hard work but so worth it.

Ally now juggles part-time university and part-time work, spending four days a week at either the uni campus or the gym where she runs her own classes.

My mum and dad have been such an amazing help throughout all this, I don’t know if I could have done it without them. They normally take the kids a couple days each week to help me out, and now they all have such a close bond which I always wanted for them.

What does your vision of success look like?

First off I want my kids to be happy. When they’re happy, I’m happy. I also want to set an example for what a good work ethic can help to achieve. Anything beyond that is a bonus. Right now I’m working towards a career in nutrition that I’m really passionate about, so if I can get a job in that area after finishing my studies I’ll be totally happy.

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