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Why is writing about just one thing empowering?

Writally has launched the great blog challenge to empower people to get noticed, spark creativity, get blogging and have fun in the process. This month’s topic is ‘just one thing’. Wanngi is proud to be sponsoring the challenge to encourage people to talk about ‘just one thing’ regarding their health and wellness.

We want to hear stories about how people in Australia will benefit from using the Wanngi app. Wanngi helps health consumers communicate their needs and health information easily. While anyone can use the app to view their data, young people, fitness enthusiasts, parents, seniors, and those with complex health issues are those likely to get the biggest benefit.

People with complex conditions often find it frustrating having to remember and repeat their personal health information. Items such as medicines, details of chronic conditions, and dates of recent tests often have to be shared with different healthcare providers and first responders in emergencies.

How will Wanngi help families managing their own and their children’s health needs; Busy working people managing stress, sleep, life and their health; Young people stretching their wings and attending doctors’ appointments on their own for the first time, or possibly preparing to travel overseas. How will Wanngi help you.

You can sign up to participate in the Great Blog Challenge here.