Start Tracking Your Mental Health Symptoms

When discussing our health, we often only refer to the physical aspects. Many people tend to forget the importance of mental health, or feel as though they can’t discuss the topic at all. While we give a lot of attention to our physical health, tracking our mental health is just as important. 

Recently, Wanngi founder and CEO Maree Beare sat down with Tina Winchester to discuss why she created a platform to provide individuals with a global personal health record. Tina’s podcast, Careers & Mental Health Conversation, discusses everything regarding career choices and progress through to mental health at work, creating mentally well workplaces, and more. With over 25 years experience in mental health services, Tina’s passion is advocating for mental health awareness in the workplace.

So what should you take notice of?

Just like a physical condition, some mental health days will be more painful than others. It’s important to track the symptoms of your mental health, the same way you would for any physical symptoms. Tracking your mental state can help you understand triggers for your moods. Likewise, it allows you to collect clear information to discuss with your doctor. 

An example of this is to take notice of your mood after exercising. Studies have shown that exercising can drastically improve your mental health, acting as an antidepressant. Take note of how using exercise as an intervention improves your mental state. Likewise, if a specific intervention doesn’t work, track your negative response as well. 

During their podcast, Tina mentions what she first took notice of is the opportunity to have control. “That opportunity to have control, often in situations…where people have had complex health histories, who are continuously telling the same story. Often a traumatic story of diagnosis, or medications they’ve taken…having to recount their story time and time again, because the information isn’t readily available to practitioners.”

Wanngi allows for you to track your symptoms and access information quickly and securely. Likewise, this allows for easier communication with your health professionals. “Being able to recount that back with accuracy, surely is going to help with the right kind of treatment and intervention from a practitioner,” says Tina. 

Tracking your mental health symptoms, and being mindful of your history, is one of the most important things you can do for your overall well-being. Take the first step towards a better mind with the help of Wanngi today.

 You can listen to Tina Winchester’s podcast with Maree Beare here.