Easing the stress: support for the sandwich generation

If you haven’t heard of it before, the ‘sandwich’ generation has become a well known reality for many Australians. As a nickname for many adults in their 40’s and 50’s who are supporting their children whilst also looking after their ageing parents, this group of Australians are feeling the pressure in more ways than one.

Carolyn, in her 50’s is a mother of two young adult children who has certainly experienced the strain, both financially and emotionally. With both children still living at home while they work, study and save, she supports them while also caring for her parents in their 90’s, who live in Brisbane. In 2016, with her son in his final year of school, her stress peaked when her parents had to make some drastic changes.

“My father moved into a nursing home, so I spent hours driving to and from Brisbane all the time helping my parents,” she says. The moving process took several months, many trips to Brisbane and all of the family members pitching in to support Carolyn’s parents through this transition. It took a toll on her energy levels, and her own health.

Carolyn is not alone. Many Australians have stepped up to be the carers of generations either side of them, especially when family members become unwell. Taking them to appointments, doing their grocery shopping, and keeping paperwork under control are just some of the everyday tasks they face.

How can we help?

Supporting loved ones can be demanding enough without having to manage illness and paperwork on top of everything else. Using Wanngi Family+ membership as a platform, you can keep track of multiple records in a secure, easily accessible app.

Nominated representatives could also be given shared access to the records. This way, Carolyn or her parents’ carers can view them and share to their nominated health professionals. They can also use the app to keep track of relevant conditions and medication.

With Carolyn’s parents now settled in their new home for more than two years, they are loving the everyday perks of living within their community. Carolyn still commutes regularly to visit, but she no longer worries for her father, who is well cared for with 24/7 support.

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