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Symptoms and Injuries Management Keeps You In Control Of Your Recovery

With the launch of Wanngi  we are delighted to share our features and services with you, and our growing community. We have already discussed the wearables you can connect to track and achieve your fitness goals. Another key feature of our app assists you in tracking communicating your symptoms in a health consult.

What is symptoms management?

While recovering from an injury or managing ongoing conditions, it can be challenging to remember details of the symptoms you experience. Communicating these changes effectively to a health professional can also be difficult. However, in Wanngi you can record every symptom and easily view them on your timeline. This means that you don’t have to remember them all at once, and so it becomes easier to communicate the exact nature of your symptoms to your doctor, trainer or coach when required.

Why should I use it?

Symptoms management is most beneficial to those recovering from injuries, managing ongoing health conditions, sports players and athletes.

If you have recently been injured, then you may be struggling to adjust during your recovery period. In Wanngi, you can note every symptom, and at each appointment check in with your symptoms timeline. Then you can inform your health professional of any concerns. With everything recorded in one location, you don’t have to remember the details and dates yourself.

For those managing ongoing health conditions, Wanngi’s symptoms management is an excellent tool to assist in tracking changes in your health. You can track and view changes for both physical and mental health conditions at any time within the app.

Struggling to discuss any concerns around sensitive issues? Using Wanngi to take note of your experiences and any changes that occur, all you have to do is show your doctor your symptoms timeline. This will keep you both on the same page and aware of the facts surrounding your health.

How can I use it?

In the Personal Health service in our app, you can add and manage your own health data, including allergies, medication and immunisations.

You can use Symptoms to add and manage your experiences. For each new symptom you can record:

  • what happened
  • how it happened
  • where and when it occurred, and for how long
  • the severity, and any additional notes.

In Wanngi, you can also view a summary of your personal health experiences as well as your symptoms timeline. By clicking on each symptom in your timeline you will have all these details at the ready for you and your health professionals.

Here at Wanngi we are putting YOU in the driver’s seat of your own health. Sign up now to be part of the Wanngi community beginning to feel some control in managing their health.