Many Australians suffer from chronic and ongoing physical and mental health conditions. The financial and emotional impact of these conditions can seem never ending. And a daunting part for many is the struggle to understand their condition as it changes and develops, whether it’s improving or worsening.

If you suffer from a chronic illness or manage an ongoing health condition, you don’t to go through it alone. With Wanngi you can track your condition and any changes in your health with symptoms management. You can read more about how to use the symptoms management feature here. Keep reading to learn about how it benefits our user community.

Rob on managing his mental health

Living with anxiety and depression is a reality many Australians face. For Rob this is part of his life, something he manages every day. He also occasionally suffers from anxiety attacks. Rob has struggled to open up to others about his mental health. He often used to downplay the details of his condition, whenever visiting his health professionals. He also struggled to understand what triggers his anxiety attacks as he has never recorded when they happened. By the time he visited a professional he had forgotten some of the details.

Using Wanngi, Rob now doesn’t have to recall the details every time he visits his doctor, and no longer has to relive every experience. If he suffers from an attack, he can record it immediately once he has recovered. In doing this he is still able to recall the severity and what he was doing that led up to it. Adding notes to each event as it occurs, he can also add his thoughts and feelings at the time, as well as his overall reaction to experiencing it. At his appointments, all he has to do is show his doctor the timeline and his doctor can view a summary of exactly what occurred. 

Brianna and her journey with endometriosis

Brianna, aged 31, has suffered from endometriosis since she was in her late teens. She went through many years of severe, often untreatable pain before she was diagnosed. Now, she understands how her body often reacts during certain times of the month. However, abnormal symptoms and changes in her usual cycle still worry her.

With Wanngi, Brianna can now record all her health data on her phone, so it is always with her when she needs it. She no longer has to write down her symptoms and remember to put them all in one place, then take them with her to her various appointments. If she ever needs to look back, she can simply check her symptoms timeline. Wanngi has made it easy for her to monitor all symptoms and changes that have occurred. She now feels back in control of her own health.

Wanngi can also help YOU to manage your health, keeping track of your health experiences and managing your symptoms. Sign up now to start your free trial, and become your own health champion in communicating your symptoms and health to people in your care journey.