How To Stick To Your Fitness Goals

Since moving through our series towards a Life of Happiness and Purpose, we have discussed the benefits of improving our physical space, habits surrounding food, and overcoming obstacles to living a healthier life. Another crucial element to our overall wellbeing is movement and physical exercise. While it’s easy to understand the benefits of getting...

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Embracing Digital Health

Now is a pivotal time for Digital Health in Australia. The introduction of the Australian Government’s My Health Record and the myriad of wearables and other personal health apps give consumers the perfect opportunity to really get connected with their health digitally. Service providers, like Wanngi, have the opportunity, even the responsibility, to make...

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Counting More Than Steps

Wearable fitness tracking technologies such as Fitbit count more than just steps. A study published in PLOS Biology in February 2018 has shown promising results improving the health of users of wearable fitness trackers more than previously thought. The study looked at the connection between the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disorder and a...

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