The effects of the COVID-19 health crisis have made Telehealth a vital component of healthcare. Keep reading to find out more about how Wanngi can help you on your Telehealth journey.

Telehealth is increasingly important and will continue to be an important aspect of healthcare leading into the future.

As part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wanngi has developed a health reporting functionality for our consumers. Wanngi facilitates the Telehealth innovation by allowing you to export your personal health record in an easy to read PDF report. 

How Wanngi can help

Symptom Tracking

Track and manage your daily symptoms


View your health history on your timeline


Never forget your medications again! Set reminders for all your medication

Doctor Visits

Set reminders for upcoming doctor and medical appointments


Track your daily activities and set goals to achieve them

Report Export

Simplify your next doctor’s appointment with health reports. Choose the information you would like to view and export your health report

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Wanngi is a companion to Telehealth

Physician support

Helpful for physicians in order to determine how presenting patients should be triaged, giving more reliable information than would be available from memory when the patient is stressed. In a home healthcare scenario patients are able to export a personal health report to the Clinician and the patient arrange a consult based on their data.

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Help improve your Diagnosis – Prior to the appointment you can track your symptoms and collect your health history in Wanngi then easily share via the Wanngi health report from your phone to a medical professional allowing you to communicate more effectively with your doctor.

How to provide your health history?

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