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There’s nothing in My Health Record – what now?

Over the summer holidays, James had often heard his mates discussing the My Health Record, so in the new year he decided to investigate. He was quite surprised by what he found!

Despite the My Health Record being so close to becoming a common reality, many Australians are still not aware of how it will affect them. After January 31st, a My Health Record will be created for all Australians who have not yet accessed one, or who have not opted out.

What does this mean?

A My Health Record will be a place for you to access and view all your health records. Your doctor and other healthcare providers can upload your information to one location. Security of your records is a top priority of the My Health Record to ensure your privacy at all times.

I haven’t opted out. What should I expect?

The first time you access your records, you might find there is nothing there yet. This is normal, as it has not yet been used. James discovered this recently when he first accessed his records. He wanted to start building his record history, to view past results as well as current information. What you can do is ask your doctor to start uploading your health information when you see them next.

When your records are uploaded, make sure they are correct. When James gained access to his health records, he found his past knee surgery was listed under an incorrect date. Your healthcare professional can easily fix this, so make sure you double check the information when it’s uploaded.

James also noticed that his past tests and scans, which were relevant to the surgery, were not yet uploaded. He called his doctor and asked them to upload a shared health summary, which contains all important past results and information. You can do the same. Make sure you request past results as well as any new information so you can build your record history.

What’s next?

You can now sit in the driver’s seat of your own health. View your health information, including your My Health Record anytime and anywhere using the Wanngi app.

Now is the time to take control of your health.

For more information or to view FAQs, visit the My Health Record website. If you would like to gain access to your My Health Record now, create a myGov account or sign in and follow the prompts.