baby vaccination

Have you and your child been been vaccinated against all the preventable diseases?

Many parents fear their children getting preventable diseases, and for a good reason. 

Children of all ages need vaccines to help them protect them from diseases. These diseases can be serious, even deadly.

But how do you tell if you or your family has the most up to date vaccination against these diseases, and what can you do to protect them? We’ve got all the answers to your questions below.

Manage and keep track of your immunisations and get reminders. There’s nothing worse than forgetting a major vaccination, or having to trying to remember a list of allergies.

Your family history of immunisations, easily accessible.

Be confident of what you have been vaccinated against. List all past immunisations for each family member and quickly view them whenever you need to.

All your family's health information, in one place.​

Securely store and save medical and clinical documents – from hospital discharge summaries to doctor referrals. 

Keep your data with you, always.

Take your health information with you when you change doctors, cities, specialists or countries. No matter what you’re doing, or where you are, your family’s health information will be with you.