vaccines and test results

How to have proof of the coronavirus vaccination on your smartphone

Globally many countries are beginning vaccination programs to help people mitigate the risk of coronavirus and potential debilitating ongoing resulting chronic illness

COVID19 Vaccine

However, many people seem to be asking the following questions.

  • Will we require annual boosters?
  • Will we require additional jabs for ongoing variants?
  • Does the jab cover for overseas variants?

COVID19 Test results

For those with suspected symptom s of COVID19 or potential spreaders located in COVID hotspots are requested to have COVID 19 tests and isolate until their results are negative.  

Many have us have already been in this situation and have had COVID19 tests.  

Can you remember the date and location of the test and are you able to produce this evidence if required.

Wanngi is the central location for you to keep track of these vaccine certificates and tests and easily have them on hand when you need to provide proof.

Wanngi is a health management app that allows you to track Vaccine/ immunisations, set reminders for annual boosters or possible jabs for ongoing variants and manage your health history, in one secure HIPAA Compliant online location.

No more printed lists and lost information.