Australian start-ups GPNow and Wanngi have joined forces to offer a private telehealth solution

The private telehealth service is intended to help communities make better lifestyle choices and improve their quality of life. GPNow will provide telehealth services with medical professionals and the Wanngi Health Management Platform will be used to build personal health accounts that will have symptoms, chronic health conditions, medications, immunisations (including Covid-19) uploaded to one secure place. 

Australian start-up Practice Innovators Pty Ltd (PII Australia) under its brand GPNow established a similar private telehealth service for Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA) connecting 2000+ SCIA clients to their Neuromoves therapist last year – the service exploded into action during the pandemic in March last year with over 6000 sessions keeping SCIA clients connected to their therapists during the nationwide lockdown.

Robert Hicken – Founder & CEO of PII Australia said, “Nothing will ever replace face to face consultations with our medical professionals however the Program based telehealth services such as SCIA and now Aboriginal services provides a new way to reach out and improve service for community members. One of the benefits of working with a locally based partner such as Wanngi is the ability to quickly tailor the platform to meet our client’s specific needs”

Australian Start-up Wanngi was established in 2017 – Wanngi is a health management app that creates a personal medical library for its users making it the only health management app they will need. Users can store all their details in one secure HIPAA Compliant online location, and export their history to enhance telehealth sessions. Wanngi is for people who live with chronic health conditions and see multiple doctors. Wanngi can be used to record all Covid-19 test results, immunisations and vaccine reminders. 

Maree Beare – Founder & CEO says “Our mission at Wanngi is bringing social change within the health industry by giving you the control of managing all of your health and fitness information all within one secure and private mobile app. From medical documents, to symptom and fitness tracking, Wanngi lets you control all aspects of your health. Time is your enemy with sufferers of chronic illness and delivering of update to date health records in a telehealth import can save lives. This is important We are pleased to be working with the GPNow team to deliver this service to help “close the gap”.

Initially working in conjunction with the Project Telehealth Champion and GPNow & Wanngi have teamed up​ to​ develop ​in a culturally sensitive, pragmatic manner ​to achieve long-term sustainable healthcare outcomes.


Using high-definition/low bandwidth video consultation, AHPRA Certified medical professionals offer support via Virtual consultations conducted privately and securely anywhere anytime on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.


About GPNow
GPNow is a telehealth platform offered by Australian start-up PII Australia (Practice Innovators International Pty. Ltd.) Established in March 2017, PII Australia practices “effective altruism” with the aim to provide better access to medical professionals for patients, regardless of their location. The GPNow telehealth platform is currently engaged with Aged Care facilities, Aboriginal Groups, Bushfire-affected communities and Spinal Cord Injuries Australia. GPNow provides private, safe, secure access to AHPRA certified medical professionals anywhere, anytime. GPNow is a member of the Medical Software Industry Association.


About Wanngi

Wanngi is a health management platform that allows people to manage their health in a much more efficient way. Wanngi does this by enabling its members to track their symptoms as they go, upload all their test results and scans from pathology, immunisations (including Covid-19), scans, scripts, set medication reminders and fitness updates, all in one secure HIPAA Compliant online location.  Wanngi is transforming how patients and doctors telehealth with the export medical history option. Users can export their entire medical history and share it with their doctors prior to their appointment which not only saves them from having to repeat themselves over and over again, but can also fastrack their diagnosis and treatment. Wanngi is available on the app store and Google play.