View Report in Telehealth consult

Wanngi is Telehealth ready

Today with we viewed the Wanngi Health Report using Coviu Teleheath solution providing Clinicians with useful Patient information to help with diagnosis.

 Telehealth is increasingly important and will continue to be an important aspect of healthcare leading into the future.
To help out during this Pandemic, the Wanngi team have urgently responded by developing a health reporting facility for consumers.
Wanngi facilitates the telehealth innovation by allowing you to export your personal health record in an easy to read PDF report. You can easily share this report from your phone to a medical professional or another location, allowing you to communicate more effectively with your doctor. Wanngi Health Reports also aids in identifying trends in your health through the use of the Symptom Timeline to assist with health management.

With the impact of Covid-19, having access to your health records is more important now than ever for diagnosis and rehabilitation. Keeping track of your medical documents or personal health records allows you to have better control of your health and can help to prevent serious issues such as misdiagnosis and prolonged illness.

6 Steps to providing your symptoms and health information during a Telehealth consult