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What is the best way to organise your medical records?

Nobody cares about your health data as much as you. So why aren’t you the one in control of your own information? Many organisations have access to your health information – you can read more about this here. But many people do not have the same access or knowledge themselves, even though it’s their own personal data. 

Maree Beare, CEO and founder of Wanngi, believes that you should have access to your own health information, as well as the ability to contribute to it. In order to make this happen, she has created the private alternative in Wanngi. 

Creating a private alternative

If you’re looking for a way to manage your health information but you’re not sure how, Wanngi may be perfect for you. We have created a private alternative that empowers you with your own health information. Not only that, but you can keep all your relevant information in one place, protected by our high-level encryption and HIPAA-compliant protected health information storage.

The information you collect and manage in Wanngi is just for you to see. Want to share information with your doctor? You can easily share details of your recent symptoms as well as other information such as your health history or tests with them at each appointment if you choose to. But it’s completely up to you. And with a private alternative, you can create and build your own personal health record. 

What is unique about a personal health record?

Creating your own personal health record allows you to upload your own information and contribute to managing your own health. There are many services in Wanngi which allow you to categorise your own data, whether you want to record your symptoms, medication or doctor visits. You can make the most of the following features within the app: 

  • Upload and save medical documents like discharge summaries and scripts
  • Provide your health history report at the click of a button – ready for your next medical appointment
  • Track allergies, medication, immunisations and more
  • Record symptoms and upload photos if you are monitoring physical changes or recovery
  • View your fitness data alongside your health and medical data
  • Set fitness goals 
  • Monitor your mental health with our mood tracking service
  • All this plus more features coming soon!

How does it benefit you?

This private platform can empower you to play an active role in managing your health information. Being able to view your fitness data alongside medical records, medications and symptoms helps you to paint a full picture of your health. 

With everything recorded on your device to take with you wherever you go, explaining symptoms and relaying information to your doctor has never been easier. It also takes the pressure off keeping track of your physical documents.

Are there certain conditions in your family that you’re on the lookout for? You can also make a note of these in Wanngi or keep documents from other family members. This is perfect for hereditary conditions that you may want your doctor to be aware of. 

How to build your own personal health record

Ready to create and build your own personal health record? Follow these steps:

  • Create an account with Wanngi
  • Create your symptoms timeline by adding symptoms
  • Upload the medical history you want to keep track of and export your symptoms and health history ready for your next medical appointment
  • Record your allergies
  • Record any medication you are taking and set reminders for them
  • Connect your wearables and set goals – or use Wanngi’s inbuilt activity tracker. Learn more here
  • Got family? Add a profile to track your kids’ allergies and symptoms or your parents’ doctor visits and medication – learn more here

Start now with a trial Wanngi Primary+ to set up your own Personal Health record and start tracking your health now. Find out more here or see videos on our FAQ page.