Store all your health, medical and fitness information in one secure app

Helpful to have your health information on hand when you go visit a Doctor
Shorten time to get Diagnosed
Useful to have Health documents on hand when you travel
Save Money by not having to have tests again
Save health insurance costs by tracking your history
Be your own Health Champion
Track symptoms and personal health management

How Do I Get Wanngi?

You can access Wanngi web app on any device including iOS and Android phones, computers and tablets. A Web App (PWA) means that you can run it straight from your internet browser – like Chrome, Safari or Firefox – instead of having to download an app from the App Store or Play Store. 

Wanngi is also on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store so you can download it straight to your phone!

What Can I Do With Wanngi?

Upload medical Documents

Keep your medical documents secure and safe, by storing them in Wanngi. You can save doctor referrals, scripts, hospital discharge summaries, visits, test results, x-rays, appointments and more with Wanngi.

Track Symptoms and Injuries

Do you find it difficult to keep track of your symptoms or injuries? Struggle to explain what's going on to your doctor? With Wanngi, you can track all the details of your symptoms and injuries, including photos. Wanngi will then show you a visual timeline of your symptoms and injuries.

Family Health

You can also get a Wanngi family membership. This allows you you can track and store all of your family members health data all in one location. With Wanngi Primary+ Family, you can add up to five family members, keep track of their health information, and get reminders about your child’s immunisations.

Never Forget Your Health

It can be frustating to constantly have to remember or repeat your allergies, medications or immunisations. With Wanngi, we've fixed that problem for you - record a comprehensive list of your immunisations, allergies and medications, so they're always at your fingertips. What's more, you can set medication and immunisation reminders, so you can never worry about forgetting them!

Track Your Fitness

Need help sticking to your fitness goals? Wanngi allows you to set and track your fitness progress through wearable connections like Fitbit, Garmin, Strava or Google Fit. Don't have a wearable? You can add your own activities inside Wanngi, with Wanngi Activities.

How safe is my data?

We are perfectionists with our security. Consider the industry standard our starting point. Our high-level encryption means your data is as safe as possible. HIPAA-compliant protected health information storage. Not only that, we go above and beyond the Australian Federal Government’s security guidelines.

Meet Our CEO and Founder

"I tried to access my health record and the only option I could find was the government consumer portal. At that time, I realised that the eHealth record was only really accessible for clinicians and bureaucrats, so I set about making it accessible to people, giving them more control over their health information." Click above to read more about how Wanngi got started.