Your New Daily Routine

We are thrilled to announced that we are launching our latest feature, the Health Forecast which is now available from your dashboard. Your Health Forecast gives you a daily snapshot of your health essentials including; upcoming medications, health appointments, helpful information about the weather and potential health implications such as air quality. As part of your new daily routine, each morning you will receive a notification when your Health Forecast is ready to view. Your Health Forecast provides a holistic view of upcoming health experiences so you can be at ease knowing you can view your upcoming health tasks for the day and refer back at any time.

A daily glance at your health

Wanngi’s Health Forecast is like having a personal health assistant in your pocket. You can wake up in the morning with peace of mind knowing that all of your upcoming medications and health appointments are just one click away! Accessible via the dashboard, Wanngi’s Health Forecast provides all your essential health information in one place. Easily track your upcoming medications and health appointments and check them off as they are completed. We know life can get busy, so we will also send you reminders for upcoming health experiences so you no longer need to worry about forgetting.

Make Informed Decisions

With Wanngi’s weather information, you can gain insights such as air quality and make informed decisions for your day. With the devastating effects of the 2020 bushfires and flu season coming up, air quality is an important health indicator to keep track of. With Wanngi’s Health Forecast you can quickly view the weather, air quality and UV index all in one place.